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Imagine being outrageously happy about getting up and seizing the adventure that is your life everyday with the attitude that today you are going to make a difference and that it’s impossible for you to fail. – PEAK PERFORMER

Can you imagine the feeling of joy and satisfaction as you step on the bathroom scales with a trim flab free body – as you look in the bathroom mirror and smile with knowledge that you are really doing something positive about the shape you’re in now, as well as your long-term disease free attitude for the future. –

Imagine having the confidence and self-assurance of being able to deal with any kind of confrontation that you might encounter. Having an increased sense of awareness of everything that is going on all around you.

Moving through your day focused on success, with an assertive presence and the attitude ‘I am a Winner’ – People admire this confidence and predators can read the signs that you are best left well alone.

Hi, I’m Steve Krause. I’m a success coach. In my teachings I combine both my experiences as a martial arts master and champion with my in-depth understanding of peak performance success psychology offering you a unique blend of Eastern philosophy and Western science.

I have spent more than four decades researching, teaching and refining this unique and highly effective personal training programme that really will take you from where you are to where you really want to be.

This life-enhancing personal effectiveness training adventure utilizes timeless principles that jumper bluehave been used by successful men and women throughout history. The phenomenal levels of success, vibrant health, vital energy and confidence I now enjoy is the result of applying these principles I now call ‘The Tao of Living’ daily to my life since I first discovered them in 1970.

Not only that but thousands of my friends and clients are doing the same. Gaining remarkable results in their own lives by applying the success principles and strategies of The Tao of Living.

It can also work for you, with the introduction of my new training packages now everyone can try it for themselves.

If you’re interested in getting into the best mental and physical shape of your life I can help you.

Here are some of the remarkable benefits my clients have already achieved… and you could too!

  • Blast of 20lbs of body fat and flab and six inches off your waist… and keep it off!
  • Build powerful biceps and an impressive six-pack abdomen.
  • Enjoy a pain free supple back and neck.
  • Lower dangerous cholesterol levels.
  • Reduce high blood pressure.
  • Significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, strokes, cancer and diabetes.
  • Boost your immune system and flu defences.
  • Learn to redirect your fears and anxieties.
  • Become super-confident and stress-free.
  • Learn how to commute and travel without fear of confrontation.
  • Master the secret Black Belt moves of the Martial Arts.
  • Learn how to be your own Bodyguard.
  • Discover how to act like a Winner
  • Learn how to unleash your potential to succeed in everything you do.

As you embark upon this remarkable life-enhancing adventure with me, you will rapidly discover new habits and attitudes that will change your life for the better, forever! As you stick to your health-related goals you will boost your self-esteem and confidence as well as your ability to feel in control and safe at all times.

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  • Why the Morning Ritual is crucial, and starting your day with intention guarantees success.
  • A simple breathing exercise that will energise you and activate your immune system.
  • This 3 minute Yoga routine will completely remove tension and stress, leaving you relaxed.
  • A simple 5 minute meditation routine that will refresh you body and re-focus your thoughts.
  • A fail safe way to clarify your vision, align your goals and develop a strategic action plan for success.


  • The relationship with mindset and environment and why the need to be in sync.
  • How to develop increased observational skills that will help you to detect value and danger alike.
  • Learn the 5 colour codes of awareness developed by US Special Forces to assess danger.
  • Discover how to recognize the ritual that is the 5 stages of violent crime and how to avoid conflict.
  • Become hyper-aware of how your body functions and learn to read the early warning signs.


  • Why dieting should be educational eating that enhances health, energy and well-being for life.
  • Foods to avoid that clog your system and increase your risk of cancer and diabetes.
  • Foods that lower your insulin and glycogen levels and your internal production of saturated fats.
  • An extremely effective way of decreasing your risk of heart disease.
  • Discover new levels of energy and vitality with a regulated healthy appetite for life.


  • This simple 10 minute daily routine will keep you supple and firm whilst reducing risk of back-ache.
  • Discover the five Ab-blasting exercises that will sculpt your rock hard six pack.
  • This 20 minute resistance program will burn fat for upto 39 hours and build real muscle fast.
  • 10 easy to do exercises to increase core strength , stability and overall fitness.
  • Gain awesome results with these three x 45 minute workouts weekly.


  • Discover how to react with super-reflexes five times faster than the average person.
  • Learn the 5 counter-attack techniques that will enable you to defend yourself.
  • Learn the 5 vital strike points that will disable the fiercest of attackers.
  • Learn how to deal with a plethora of attack scenarios including multiple opponents.
  • Learn the 5 ways to deal with and disarm an attack from an edged weapon assault.

I firmly believe that The Tao of Living program will Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 22.47.32improve the quality and outlook of everything you do in life, and that’s why I’m committed to making it as affordable as possible to as many people as possible.

I’m so confident that my Tao of Living program will give you real life-enhancing results in record time… and that’s why I always guarantee your results – with a full refund – no quibble!GNTEE

The real value is in your initial consultation and blueprint designed around your personal needs and desires. I always begin your coaching with the end in mind this requires a focus on the destination – your goal. Next we can schedule your appointments and get down to the serious business of unleashing your potential.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.” 
—Lao Tzu

As a pre-requisite to the 12 weeks to Excellence and the Premier Life programs I offer a unique personal insights consultation to identify your key motivators and talents. During this session we will discover what drives you and how to best maximise your personal peak performance and leadership skills.

I use the ‘ADVanced Insights’ profiling tool from World leaders Innermetrix for both my Executive Coaching and Corporate IMX LOGOSClients.

This personal diagnostic report will highlight How you function as a leader… What natural talents do you have… Why you are motivated to use them and… How do you prefer to use them. With this knowledge I can create the very best strategic training plan that will offer you the most effective results.

Next we can schedule your appointments and get down to the serious business of unleashing your potential.


  • Single one off session
  • Block of 10 sessions
  • 12 Weeks to Excellence program
  • Premier Life 10 months program

If you really want to enjoy the body you have and to start living your life to the fullest potential, as you learn to behave and move with self-assurance and an attitude of confidence that emits a signal to everyone around you… that you are special… I personally want to coach you. Please leave me your contact details below and I will get back to you without delay.

Steve Krause. Your Coach and Success Mentor


Praise for the Tao of Living with Steve KrauseTHANKS STEVE

“Thanks to Steve for changing my life in such a positive way. I feel fitter, stronger, more confidence and alert. I can highly recommend Steve Krause and can give no greater endorsement than having introduced my family and my business to The Tao of Living Life.”

Robert Kilpatrick. Director

There is a down side to training with Steve Krause… I’ve had to buy a new wardrobe… I have however lost 12 lbs of body flab and 4 inches from around my waist. My cholesterol is back to a safer level and I will probably live longer… I’m a new man thanks to Steve.

Simon Greer. Manager

During pregnancy I developed chronic aching back pain, my life has been hell for more than two years and then I met Steve. He fixed me when nobody else could. Today I’ve no pain, I’m also 22lbs lighter and I feel terrific.

Sharon Gaullie. Housewife

I was seeking a workout adventure that would challenge me and take me to new limits. I enrolled on The Tao of Living. After just 3 months working out with Steve I have achieved more than I ever imagined possible. If you need a challenge, if you want real results fast, sign up with Steve, you’ll never look back.

Monty Abercrombie CEO

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